Quotations from the works of John Galsworthy HTML version

day to day, from night to night, from week to week, from year to year,
till death should end it.
The more I see of people the more I am convinced that they are ne ver good
or bad–merely comic, or pathetic. You probably don’t agree with me!’
”Don’t touch me!” she cried. He caught her wrist; she wrenched it away.
”And where may you have been?” he asked. ”In heaven–out of this house!”
With those words she fled upstairs.
It seemed to young Jolyon that he could hear her saying: ”But, darling,
it would ruin you!” For he himself had experienced to the full the
gnawing fear at the bottom of each woman’s heart that she is a drag on
the man she loves.
She had come back like an animal wounded to death, not knowing
where to turn, not knowing what she was doing.
”What do you mean by God?” he said; ”there are two irreconcilable ideas
of God. There’s the Unknowable Creative Principle–one believes in That.
And there’s the Sum of altruism in man naturally one believes in That.
She was such a decided mortal; knew her own mind so terribly well; wa nted
things so inexorably until she got them–and then, indeed, often dropped
them like a hot potat o. Her mother had been like that, whence had come
all those tears. Not that his incompatibility with his daught er was
anything like what it had been with the first Mrs. Young Jolyon.
One could be amused where a daughter was concerned; in a wife’s case
one could not be amused.
”Thank you for that good lie.
Love has no age, no limit; and no deat h.
Did Nature permit a Forsyte not to make a slave of what he adored? Could
beauty be confided to him? Or should she not be just a visitor, coming
when she would, possessed for moments whic h passed, to return only at her
own choosing? ’We are a breed of spoilers!’ thought Jolyon, ’close and
greedy; the bloom of life is not safe with us. Let her come to me as she
will, when she will, not at all if she will not. Let me be just her
stand-by, her perching-place; never-never her cage!’
....causing the animal to wake and attack his fleas; for though he was
supposed to have none, nothing could pers uade him of the fact.
It’s always worth while before you do anything to consider whether it’s
going to hurt another person more than is absolutely necessary.”
A thing slipped between him and all pre vious knowledge
Afraid of being afraid
Afraid to show emotion before his son
Always want ed more than he could have
Aromatic spirituality
As she will, when she will, not at all if she will not
Attack his fleas; for though he was supposed to have none
A voided expression of all unfashionable emotion
Back of beauty was harmony
Back of harmony was–union
Beauty is the devil, when you’re sensitive to it!
Blessed capacity of living again in the young
But it tired him and he was glad to sit down