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financial leaks, and patch things up with their families to become successful
and self-reliant people.
Can’t Find the Strength To Quit On Your Own? Get committed, get motivated and
Chapter 6 - Quitting Marijuana With Auto-Suggestion And Affirmation
If you are serious about quitting marijuana, then you should seriously
consider using the power of auto-suggestion to change your thought patterns.
With self-suggestion you will be able to to program your subconscious mind
with the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you want for yourself as
you become a non smoker. From the steps of successful affirmation,
suggestions for quitting pot, and re-enforcing your new self. This article
will introduce you to using affirmations to help yourself quit cannabis.
Step 1 - Plan
In order to be successful at using affirmations you need a clear step by step
game plan. You need to set a time aside where you can speak your
affirmations out loud every single day for at least one month. It is best to
write your affirmations down first and then as you memorize them you can
recite them in your own words. If you can say your affirmations out loud
everyday for more then twenty one days, you will find this to be incredibly