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in the future where you are in that situation again when you would have
normally smoked in the past, but see yourself free from cannabis dependence
at last. Perhaps you might go visit some of your old friend that you used to
spend time with before you quit marijuana and experience your new found
ability to overcome addiction. This way you can experience the positive
consequences of your decision to quit cannabis.
After working with dozens of clients in helping them to quit smoking pot and
change their lives, it is clear that each step must be considered carefully
and acted upon. Read this article as many times as you need, and when your
ready follow the six steps and quit marijuana for good. Remember to decide
exactly what you want, motivate yourself to quit, break the old cycle,
replace your old habit with new behavior, reinforce it, and enjoy your new
life. Use the six steps as many times as you need with my blessing and live
life under your terms and under your control.
Can’t Find the Strength To Quit On Your Own? Get committed, get motivated and
Chapter 5 - A Simple Exercise To Help Quit Marijuana Now!
In the past decade there have been a number of psychologists who have
contributed to the growing body of information about quitting pot. Many of
these experts have come to a conclusion that quitting cannabis is roughly 10%
physical dependence and more importantly 90% psychological habit. When people
start to consider quitting weed, they are forced to consider the health
reasons, financial reasons, and family reasons for changing. This article