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Chapter 4 - Quit Marijuana Using The 6 Step Method For Change
In this day and age there are many technologies available to changing
behaviors and feelings in people. When you decide to quit smoking marijuana,
you can use the six step method to change your habit patterns permanently.
Learn how to make a decision to quit pot, set yourself up for success,
interrupt you present habit patterns, give yourself new alternative
behaviors, condition your mind for success and experience life as an ex-
cannabis smoker. This article will give you the basics of quitting weed in
six easy steps that anyone can learn and use to achieve their goal.
Step One - Plan How You Want Things To Be Once You Have Quit
When you decide to quit smoking marijuana, you are committing to changing a
habitual behavior. When you do this, you have to make absolutely clear in
your mind, what exactly is the change that you want to make. You must decide
what do you really want, and then figure out what exactly is preventing you
from quitting pot right now. Up until now, what has prevented you from
quitting. Write it down so that it is crystal clear in your mind. This will
force you to think about how things will be once you have quit for good and
consider what you must do in order to change.
Step Two - Motivate Yourself To Quit Marijuana
The first thing you need to quit cannabis permanently is to get to the point
where you MUST change no matter what. To get to this place you need to