Quick 'n' Easy Cookbook HTML version

We all know how stressful we can get after
a day’s sailing crossing the channel or
across to the Isle of Man, but imagine this:
You set off from Caernarfon at six in the
morning. Hoist up the sails and turn the
engine off, at around twelve o’clock,
everyone becomes a bit peckish so you pop
down to the galley, and whip up a nice
refreshing lunch. Bad weather is forecast
so you need to prepare; coats, gloves, hats,
the lot but when you arrive in Dublin some
fourteen hours later, all the restaurants or
chip shops are closed. Exhausted you
crawl down to the galley hoping that there
are some easy meals waiting for you to
cook in your cookbook.
That is where you are in luck! This book is
full of easy recipes to put together that are
certain to get praise! No matter where you
are; sailing, camping or even after a
stressful day at work...these meals are
right for you!
21stcenturypup Cooking