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What is Scrapbooking?
Scrapbooking is a popular way to collect and preserve our family history and
other memories. Scrapbooks are records of people and events but they
include relevant mementos to enhance and give background to the pictures
and words.
Scrapbooks may focus a family’s history, a person’s life or a special event
(such as a journey or a wedding), hobby, pets or other personal interest.
Scrapbooks become family treasures to be shared with relatives and
heirlooms which are handed down through generations.
Scrapbooks grew in popularity from the time when it became possible to
make multiple copies of photographs and more advanced but cheaper and
easier to use cameras were developed.
Computers are becoming more popular with scrapbookers (often called
‘scrappers’) for preparing and organizing their projects.
One drawback has been that the papers and inks used with computers did
not have the durability of the archive grade paper used for traditional
Some printer companies, such as Epson, have enthusiastically supported
scrapbookers. They produce kits of acid-free, lignin-free matte and semi-
gloss papers and low-cost Guides to help scrapbookers use their products.
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