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“Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking” by Ellen Wardle
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About the Author
Ellen Wardle has been making scrapbooks for several years.
Ellen started using a computer in her work and bought her first computer just
a couple of years ago.
She started using a desktop publishing program for letters and also
stationery for a community organization which she belonged to.
Then, she realized that this could also be a great help with producing her
scrapbooks as well.
Ellen says that she is not interested in the technical aspects of her computer.
She just wants to use her computer to make scrapbooking easier and to
improve the results she gets without spending very much money.
This is her first book and she hopes it will introduce many people to the
delightful art of scrapbooking and also help many hobbyists, who have some
experience with traditional methods, use their computers to improve the
results they get.
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