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3) The water
4) The fish
5) The land on which the fisherman is standing
This makes it much easier for you to make changes to individual parts and
move them about to change their relationship to other items in the picture.
With a page for a scrapbook, you might have the paper on one layer, text on
another, then each picture or other embellishment on its own layer.
If the program you use does not support layers, you have fewer options.
Compare this to a traditional scrapbook page where all the items are moved
about until you get an arrangement which you like. Then, you glue all the
parts of the page together.
With layers, you set up an arrangement which you like, merge the elements
and save that for your scrapbook.
Many commercial programs have pictures and other useful resources
included in the price. You won’t know exactly what is included and it may not
even be clear until you unpack everything if there are any restrictions on
your use of these materials.
Some companies provide pictures and other materials which may be used for
your personal projects but which cannot be used for any project which may
earn you or someone else any money.
These materials can be handy or completely useless for what you intend to
use the program for, so I would ignore them when deciding which program I
would get.
Many computer programs have similar functions and features but the quality
and power may vary from program to program.
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