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Most programs will require that you put some time into learning how to use
the features it provides. Programs like Adobe Photoshop are very powerful,
but learning to get good results from them can take considerable time,
especially if you have little experience and no formal training.
Features to Look for
Quality of Output
Whatever program you use has to be able to produce pictures and pages
which are of a standard which you are happy with.
You need to test the program with your computer, screen, scanner and
printer to ensure that you can get the results you expect.
You cannot just look at what other people produce with their equipment and
think that you will get similar results with your setup.
If you don’t get good results, it may not be the program which is causing the
problem. You may need to upgrade your computer or other hardware or just
make adjustments to the settings for viewing graphics on your screen.
Your screen probably won’t show the colors of your images exactly the same
as your printer will produce them. When you are selecting colors for a
project, print small samples to check how the actual colors appear and how
well they work together.
Layers are like transparent sheets which are used to make manipulation of
separate parts of a picture easier.
Programs which have this feature allow you to create separate layers on
which you can put different parts of a picture.
Instead of having all the elements of a picture on the same layer as you
would if you create it in a program which does not offer layers or when you
draw it on a sheet of paper, you could have separate layers for:
1) The background of the picture
2) A fisherman
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