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Editing Pages and Pictures
I can give you general guidelines for editing your pages and pictures but
please remember that the exact steps will depend on the particular program
which you use.
First, you have to get pictures of the elements you want into your computer.
Creating Scrapbook Elements
These are the decorations and backgrounds etc., which often make a
scrapbook more interesting than the usual diary.
They should be relevant to the time, the people and the events described in
the scrapbook.
You can take photographs of three-dimensional objects for use in your
projects or put them on your scanner and put a two-dimensional image into
your computer.
Careful lighting of the object when you photograph it can give some idea of
its 3D appearance but the scanned image is likely to look flat.
Choosing Your Image Editing Program
I’ve mentioned that you may already have a computer program which you
can use to prepare your scrapbook pages and edit the content which you
include on them.
This chapter will explain some of the important factors you need to consider
when deciding if you will use your current program, the features which you
could find very handy and how to use them.
If these features are not available in your current program, check that the
programs you get, either by buying them or downloading them for free from
the Internet, have as many of them as possible.
Buying an expensive program is no guarantee that you will be able to
produce better scrapbooks than you could with less expensive or even free
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