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“Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking” by Ellen Wardle
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Making Your Digital Scrapbook
What will you make your first scrapbook about?
This will depend on your current interests and the resources and equipment
which you have available.
Decide whether you will use an original layout or save time and effort by
getting either a free or a commercial layout from the Internet.
If you don’t want to use a prepared page template or if you want to make the
pages for your scrapbook a different size to the usual twelve inches square,
you can easily create a layout on your computer with a word processing or a
graphic design program.
The actual instructions will depend on the program which you use to create
your pages and add your content.
I am using the Paint.Net program for this demonstration.
Many other programs have similar capabilities but the tools and effects may
have different labels and the arrangement of the menus will probably be
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