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Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking
While some people are firm believers in the superiority of either traditional or
digital scrapbooking over the other, I do both.
I produce some traditional scrapbooks with real buttons, newspaper clippings
and other materials for sharing with and handing on to other family
I also produce some scrapbooks in digital form so that I can send them to
other family members and friends over the Internet.
This lets me share information and images much more widely than would be
possible if I only had the printed and bound scrapbooks. The people I send
the digital scrapbooks to can keep them and read them as many times as
they want to.
I don’t risk losing any original documents or the scrapbooks when I share
digital copies.
I also use my computer to organize the materials, notes, resources and
sources of information and supplies for my Scrapbooking. This saves me
hours of time and reduces the chance that I will buy some supplies but forget
that I have them.
Re-using clippings, pictures and other items which have been glued into
paper scrapbooks is difficult and, of course, ruins the project I take them
from. Digital images of those items can be copied and use for as many
projects as you want.
When you use real pages to assemble a project, you have to be careful not to
damage any of the supplies – they can all only be used once. Most computer-
based supplies can be used over and again.
Real pictures, clippings, tickets etc cannot always be fitted into a page
together because of their original size. When you prepare a digital version
you can usually adjust the size of each item so they will fit.
When you use a memento in a paper scrapbook, you cannot use it for
anything else and you may forget where it is after a while.
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