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Download a Free Program from the Internet
If you don’t want to buy any new programs, you can download and install
one or more free programs from the Internet.
I will include information about some good free programs and some
commercial programs in this book.
I am amazed by the quality and variety of image editing and other programs
which are available legally for free on the Internet.
You don’t get the pretty boxes and cannot expect personal help with any
problems that you have with the programs. But, you can save money over
the cost of buying equivalent commercial programs.
Some of the better programs are produced in their own time by highly paid
programmers or expert hobbyists who want to produce programs that are
different from those which they work on for their employers.
They sometimes share their personal projects without commercializing them.
Many free programs have Terms of Use which should always be followed.
Some may not be used for any commercial purpose.
Some may not be shared but you can tell your friends about the suppliers’
website where they can download the program like you did.
This may seem strange but there are two major reasons:
1) Because the programmer only permits downloading from their web
site, they get some recognition and maybe some donations for their
2) If there is only one web site where the program may be downloaded,
there is less chance of virus-infected versions being distributed.
I’ve listed some which I have used or had good reports about in the
resources section later in my book.
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