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You can also get trial versions or even full, superceded versions of some
programs on the CDs or DVDs which are attached to computer magazines
which you buy.
You pay a few dollars for a program that was probably selling a few months
ago for maybe more than a hundred dollars. Another point is that the disc
will usually have a variety of programs on it.
You may also get a special offer to upgrade to the current version of the
program over the Internet for significantly less than the store price for the
full boxed version.
Start with What You Already Have
If you have a digital camera, you may have got an image editing program on
the CD or DVD which came with it. That program may have enough features
to get you started with your first few projects or, at least allow you to
become familiar with how to manipulate your pictures so that you know how
to decide which more advanced program to get later on.
Or, you may already have an image editing program which you bought for
another purpose. You may have got one as part of the deal when you bought
your computer.
Give it a good try before buying a program or even downloading one from
the Internet. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Please be careful! Always scan any file which you download from the
Internet or get from any other source. Even if you know the supplier, their
files may have been infected without them knowing.
Use your anti-virus and anti-spy ware programs before you open the
If you get an illegal copy of a commercial program, there is a good chance it
will be corrupted or could corrupt your computer by installing viruses or
programs which could steal your personal information.
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