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Printers and Supplies
If you are going to produce printed versions of your scrapbook projects to
the same standard and specifications as traditional scrapbooks, you will need
a printer which can print on twelve inch square paper, the traditional size for
scrapbook pages.
Many of the printers available cannot handle that width of paper, but you can
produce nice scrapbooks with them. A lot of people produce smaller books,
including pocket-size “brag” books or others with pages that can be printed
on their printers.
The inks supplied for most computers printers are dye inks in four colors
which can produce good results and they are getting better all the time. But,
they are not likely to last or give the results which can be obtained with the
more expensive pigment-based inks
You have to decide if that is worth the higher cost to you.
You also need to consider whether you will pay the higher cost of the special
archive quality paper which is suitable for use with computer printers. Epson
has been supplying packs of this type of paper but there may also be other
This paper is expected to be able to be stored for over 100 years where most
paper produced for computer printers may only last about twenty years.
With regular computer paper supplies, you might use gloss finish paper
where you are producing bright highly-colored pages. Paper with a matt
finish is possibly better for softer images.
Some suppliers produce papers with different textures. You might check
these out where you are producing commemorative scrapbooks about a
particular event such as the first year of your child’s life etc.
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