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What You Need
You need very little that you probably haven’t already got, to get started with
your first digital scrapbooking project.
You need:
A computer with an Internet connection. The computer which you used to
buy this ebook probably has all the power you need to organize and create
your projects.
Photos and other material to make your scrapbooks from.
A camera for taking photos which you will use in projects.
If you have a digital camera, you can easily transfer your new digital pictures
into your computer with the cable and program which came with your
Scanning Your Pictures
If you want to use photos which were printed from a developed film and not
taken with a digital camera, you will need to either to pay someone to scan
them and then save them on to a DVD for you to use or get a scanner and do
it yourself.
You might get a scanner or a printer combined with a scanner and perhaps a
fax (usually called a multi-function printer).
Your scanner should have the highest resolution and bit depth (check the
information provided on the box) which you can get.
You may not always use the maximum settings available because pictures
produced at those settings are likely to be much larger computer files but
buying a machine which has low values means that you will find yourself
restricted from doing more detailed work when you have a project which
needs it.
It is also useful if your scanner has the accessory which enables you to scan
photo slides and film negatives if you are likely to want to use them in your
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