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Horror Stories I Have Heard

Here are some real live horror stories told to me by my clients, students and readers.

1. After a dispute with their web designer, one company found their web site AND e-mail was disabled. They had no copies of their web site, so I had to find new hosting for them, find archived copies of their web site on the web, recreate all the forms and re-upload their site quickly to get them operating again. In the meantime, they may have lost 1,000s of dollars.

2. One of my students had custom programming done by a web designer for her shopping cart. When she went to change hosting companies, she found that she could not move her shopping cart program as it was owned by the designer. She had paid for 1,000s of dollars in development costs that were now wasted.

3. Spelling and pricing mistakes on web sites that remain uncorrected for weeks despite repeated requests by the site owners to the web designer to have them corrected.

4. Web sites being redirected to other pages, making it difficult for search engines to find them.


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5. Web sites that re invisible to search engines because they are designed in formats like Flash and frames that search engines have difficulty indexing.

6. A web site designer demanding a full partnership in the business or they will set up a competing site and take their existing clients.