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Questions to Ask Your Web Designer
5. Web sites that re invisible to search engines because they are
designed in formats like Flash and frames that search engines
have difficulty indexing.
6. A web site designer demanding a full partnership in the business
or they will set up a competing site and take their existing
Protecting Yourself
Of course, not all web designers are unethical. But there are a lot of
people professing to be web designers who lack experience, skills, and
business knowledge.
Therefore, it is prudent for you, the web site owner, to ensure that you
are protected and that the 100s or 1,000s of dollars you pay are well
Here are some basic ways you can make sure your web site belongs to
you and to improve your web site’s chances of Internet marketing
Who Owns Your Domain Name?
Many web site owners let their web designer register their domain
name for them. In some cases, the web designer lists themselves as
the owner and main contact and the real web site owner can’t move to
new hosting or make changes without the permission of the web
To check to see who owns your domain name, try Whois Source.
To protect your domain name, we recommend that you register your
own domain name using services like GoDaddy.
GoDaddy lets you register your domain name for as low as $8.95 per
year. If you need to register a .ca name, try Dotster.
Most hosting companies now give you an ID and password to access
and change your domain name. You should create a password
database or document to record the login information and make sure
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