Questing for Adventure! HTML version

I landed softly and pulled out my daggers with a
flourish. I waved them around in front of me a few
times to show the snake who was boss. The snake
growled in return and bared its teeth.
“Take THAT vile snake!” I yelled, and slashed a
zig-zag pattern into the snake’s skin.
“Hiss!” yelled the snake, and lunged straight for my
“Oh no!” yelled Gary.
Just then Paprika woke up. Quickly, she pointed her
fairy wand at the snake. “I cast fireball!” she
shouted, and cast a fireball at the snake!
Poof! Went the snake, and became nothing more
than a line of ash.
“Phew! That sure was a close one!” said Gary.
“You got that right, Gary!” I agreed. “What a close
call! I bet this is just a taste of what awaits us in our
“How do you know that?” asked Gary.
“Being a Dark Elf means more than just looking
awesome and wearing cool black leather armor,” I
explained. “It also means being sensitive to things.
Like when the forest is crying out in pain!”
“And is it crying out in pain?” Gary asked in
I listened for a moment. “Yes,” I nodded.