Questing for Adventure! HTML version

Questing For Adventure!
Hello, young adventurer! My name is Darren.
Darren the Dark Elf. I once took part in an
adventure so incredibly epic it reaches past the
scope of human imagination and understanding! But
I will try to put it into words you can understand.
It all started this one night when I was sleeping in a
tree. Down at the base of the tree slept my traveling
companion, Gary the Dwarf. His arms were curled
around Smitey, his trusty Battle-Hammer. Paprika
the fairy was curled up in his beard.
It was just me in the tree. Me and the snake.
“Where did that snake come from?” I thought
frantically. It slithered closer.
And closer!
Then I gave it a swift kick with my black leather
boot. Whump! It landed below.
Gary let out a shriek.
“Ahhh!” He yelled. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, it’s a
“Here I come, Gary!” I hollered, and jumped swiftly
and nimbly to the ground like some kind of elven
ninja. Which I was. Only around here they call us