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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Questing for Adventure!

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Published: 5 years ago

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Darren the Dark Elf, Gary the Dwarf, and Paprika the Fairy set off on a quest to discover what happened to the Heart of the Forest. On the way they'll do stuff like battle some dudes, meet some new people, and have a picnic. Exciting! Humor/Fantasy, reads kinda like a comic book. Download this FREE e-Book today!


Hilarious, definitely recommend this if you like RPGs and want to have a good laugh.

Gary Thornton

Definitely some good chuckles

Pat Noyb

Good for d and d fans with a sense of humor

G Fryer

fast and funny


It was fast like a comic book, and funny

Laura Ann Moylan

this was very short but hilarious. It was D&D meets comic book funnies. Too funny!


I really enjoyed this. Not an overly complicated tale but I was laughing the whole way through. If you have ever played a pen and paper RPG I recommend it.

Jon Bowman

Really enjoyed this. Really funny in places, not so much in other places (not that it needed to be), but a very fun read. Hoping for a sequel - hint hint! Gonna name my next RPG weapon Smitey.....GARY ROCKS!!


For the type of work created here, I wouldn't do it justice just to say it was well written. Read it and find out what I mean. You are a very funny writer, Ms Romana, bravo.


Jean Marie Romana

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