Quenched: What Everyone (Especially Christians) Should Know About Hell


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QUENCHED is a bold exploration of doctrine, history, theology and ancient Biblical culture. Author Crystal S. Lewis offers a perspective on hell that is richly supplemented with scholarly observations about Old Testament Israel, contextual analysis of New Testament scripture and a cultural evaluation of the Early Church. Lewis’ research shines an uncomfortable but necessary light on the root of the “Hell” doctrine. This succinct, well-written, thoroughly sourced and jam-packed e-Book courageously asks its readers to reconsider their stance on the doctrine of Hell. It offers a challenge to the religious community that is long overdue.

Anthony O.

This book is reaching hard past truth. Many differences can be found in the many versions of the Bible today, but the end result remains the same. Questions about hell will persist, but the eyes should be on the opposite of hell, which is eternal life with God. But I geuss some are determind to rely on self understanding, looking past what God said about our ways and thoughts. All knowledge can not be labeled as good. Example can be found in the Garden, where it began. Read this for fictional purposes, and then pray when you get through. Just trust God, and believe in Jesus. The hardest thing one will ever do is believe, as we see the many failed attempts in the Bible. The Bible and a couple of your best commentaries that do not adhere to a single point of view will do.

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