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male, wearing a brown winter jacket, no markings, jeans, white Nike shoes, and a
cowboy hat which covers his entire head and face. Nothing much we can go by there.‖
Montana looked at the satellite images of the caller.
―We followed the caller on the satellite images, and he quickly ducks into the
subway at Chinatown, and then we lose him. I have ordered the Transit Authority tapes
to see if we can identify him when he is in the subway. That‘s it for the caller so far. On
the 911 call, the caller says we should check out the Store-a-Lot Facility in downtown
―Did you send the 911 audio to the voiceprint guys?‖
―Already done,‖ said Mahmood.
―What‘s with the Store-a-Lot?‖
―Yesterday, we sent some agents down there. We could not get a warrant to search
the garages there because all we had was the word of an anonymous tipster. But we were
able to secure all of the Store-a-Lot security tapes. Fortunately for us, they keep the tapes
for six months. I have been going through these for the last hour. Take a look at this. It
is from the morning of the bombing, at about 6 a.m.‖
The tape showed a man driving a 1998 white Mazda hatchback up to a storage unit,
parking his car, and, after looking around, opening the door with his key. About three
minutes later, the video showed the garage door opening and the man peering out of the
garage. The man then exited the garage, this time dressed in a set of dark coveralls and a
baseball cap. He dragged a heavy white trash barrel into the back of his Nissan and
closed the hatchback.
―Did you zoom on his coveralls or his hat?‖ asked Montana.
―Yep.‖ Mahmood pressed a button and the computer zoomed in on the hat. ―Cannot
say for certain but it could say ‗Mills Janitorial‘ on it.‖
―That is definitely our man,‖ Montana said quietly, and with far less enthusiasm than
Mahmood would have expected to see under the circumstances.
―Watch this,‖ said Mahmood.
Just as the man in the hat and coveralls pulled out of his parking space, a man on a
motorcycle, came speeding around the corner. The cyclist was not expecting the car to
pull out in front of him. The cyclist skidded out and the bike went crashing into the
bomber‘s car. The long-haired man on the motorcycle, smarting from the fall, got up and
limped toward the bomber‘s car. He was visibly upset. The video showed the
motorcycle driver banging on the window angrily, waiving his hands, and pointing to his
damaged motorcycle. The video next showed a wisp of smoke from the bomber‘s car
window, and the motorcycle driver recoiled, holding his chest. It appeared that the
bomber had shot the motorcycle driver through the open window. The video then
showed the bomber exiting his vehicle, standing over the motorcycle driver, and shooting
him two more times.
―Looks like he has a silencer,‖ remarked Montana.
―Yep. Right again.‖ The computer then zoomed in on what appeared to be a
In the video, the bomber then re-opened the storage unit, lifted up the metal garage
door, and went back to his victim. Holding the man by the wrists, making sure none of
the victim‘s blood got on his uniform, he dragged the motorcycle rider into the storage
room and dumped him. Then he rolled the man‘s motorcycle into the storage unit and