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Morse looked at the letters and was having trouble definitively ruling out any other
letter. He focused on what they did know. If one assumed that the ―+‖ symbol could act
as a blank, then the word they were seeking was either 9 or 10 letters long and it ended in
either ―BITE,‖ ―BIVE,‖ ―CITE,‖ ―CIVE,‖ ―DITE‖ or ―DIVE.‖ He tried to come up with
as many combinations as he could think of but nothing sounded right.
Zach looked over his father‘s shoulder. ―Maybe you have to do something with
those letters over the top of the door, the thing about love in your heart,‖ Zach suggested.
Morse was irritated his son was interrupting his train of thought, but then he stopped. He
looked over the doorway again. “Seuls peuvent entrer ceux qui ont le coeur plein
d‟amour.” ―Love,‖ thought Morse. ―What does love have to do with it?‖ Then he
remembered that many of the clues related to Greek gods. Perhaps the Greek goddess of
love….. Of course!
―Oh, my goodness,‖ said Professor Morse. ―It is much easier than I thought. It has
been staring us in the face the entire time. He showed the notepad to Father du Bois and
the children. He put the correct letters in bold print, and lined out the incorrect letters:
Letter from Astrolabe
CASSIOPEIA----------- +, A, B
CETUS-------------------+, A, B, C
URSA MINOR---------- O,P
GEMINI------------------F, G, H
SCORPIO----------------R, S
URSA MAJOR----------H, I, K, L, M, N, O
PERSEUS----------------B, C, D
CYGNUS-----------------T, V
―+APHRODITE,‖ said Morse. ―The Greek goddess of love! Only those with love
in their heart may enter.‖ Morse quickly turned the first dial on the left to the ―cross‖
symbol, and then turned the rest of the dials so that they spelled out ―APHRODITE.‖
Morse turned the handle. The lock on the vault clicked open. Morse smiled broadly and
opened the vault door, peering inside into the cold blackness.