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toward the White House in her smart red coat and skirt, waving like a beauty queen to the
adoring fans.
Meanwhile, in Georgetown, Chief Justice Dan Perkins was running along Canal
Street, finishing off his morning run. The air was so crisp this morning. He felt great.
After a quick shower, he would take the limousine to the White House for the
inauguration. He stopped for a moment to check his pulse and adjust his iPod, and then
continued his run. The three Secret Service agents running with him were darting their
eyes out in all directions, looking for potential bad guys.
Mohammed El Faya took out a glass cutter and cut the pane of glass from the floor to
a point about three feet up. He removed the glass he had cut and slid it across the carpet.
He laid out his rubber mat on the carpet and got back into position. His sniper rifle was
loaded with ammunition. He would only need one or two shots. He looked through his
scope. The target had not come within the killing field yet. Soon America would pay for
what they had done to him.