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January 20, 2012. Washington, D.C. 6 a.m. EST.
President-Elect Tim Woodson was super-charged with energy, even though he had
not slept at all last night. The last time he remembered when he could not get to sleep
due to excitement was when he was six years old on Christmas Eve. It felt like that. He
could not wait to take the reins of the nation, to be the most powerful man in the world.
He looked at himself in the mirror of the bathroom at the Watergate Penthouse Suite.
Damn, he looked good. Freshly tanned from the Las Vegas tan spa at the Palms Hotel,
Woodson combed back his slicked salt-and-pepper hair. He was wearing his lucky red
tie, with the little blue dots. This was the same tie he wore on Super Tuesday, when he
decimated Boehner and Jeb and all the other Republicans. This was the same tie he wore
on the day of the Cincinnati Massacre, when Anna Scall was giving CPR to the boy in
Cincinnati. What luck that she had been campaigning in Cincinnati that day. When he
rolled up his sleeves and started comforting parents at the hospital in Cincinnati later that
night, he looked like the kind, father figure every woman wanted. His team was able to
arrive on the scene as the heroes, angrily denouncing the terrorists, before Obama even
knew what was going on. His subsequent campaign ads attacking the Obama
administration‘s efforts to curb terrorism were brutal. Ahhh, Ohio. He loved Ohio.
He had to admit that he could not wait for all the suck-ups and starlets to start
genuflecting when he walked by, to get tickets to any concert or football game or boxing
match he wanted, to travel the globe with a parade of staff members picking lint off his
jacket and hanging on his every word. Even the food was going to be good. He heard
that you could order whatever food you wanted any time you wanted, and the five-star
chefs in the White House Kitchen would have it ready in a heartbeat.
However, above all else, he was excited to be President to bring about policy change
and return the country to where it was before Obama and the lefties drove the country off
the tracks. Fortunately, with the Republicans hammering the Democrats just before
Election Day on the terrorism issue, they had picked up seven seats in the Senate and
dozens of seats in the House. With the right amount of concessions, he could woo a few
Blue Dogs over to his side and get some good legislation passed. Obama‘s so-called
―anti-torture‖ order would be the first thing to go. How could the Democrats possibly
think we can stop terrorists if we have to give root beer and Nintendo to these animals
trying to kill us? No, Cheney was right. Severe interrogation techniques had to be in the
arsenal for the worst terrorism suspects. Then he was going to try and water down the
2010 Health Care Act before it officially kicked in. Insurance companies had poured
money into his election war chest and they deserved some consideration. His friends in
the insurance industry had told him that this health care thing was going to kill them.
Why should 85% of the country who have worked so hard to get jobs with health care
have to sacrifice everything and pay higher premiums so that a tiny few who did not
obtain health care could get it for free? It made no sense to him. And he planned on
showing the other world leaders that America was not going to cower with France at the
United Nations. America was going to be strong again, and he planned on taking the
country there.