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―Enough! It is decided.‖
Henri was told that evening. He was obviously upset. His whole life was about to
change, but he loved his sister dearly, and knew she was not equipped to ride the
countryside on horseback all by herself. He would ride with her to the Agen Cathedral
tonight, and then ride onward to Nice to make his fortune.
Three days later, Henri and Andiette arrived in Agen. The Archbishop took the girl
into the Church and gave her temporary quarters, while Henri continued onward to Nice.
The next week, the Archbishop requested a wealthy Agen merchant, Pascal de Roques
Lobejac, and his wife Marie d‘Encausse de Rocques Lobejac, to adopt the young girl.
They had no children of their own and were happy to take the child in. Andiette lived
with her adopted family for the next five years. Andiette tried to put the incident with
Petit Paul and the man she killed behind her forever. However, she secretly never
forgave her mother for abandoning her and forcing her to leave her family and everything
in the world she loved. If she ever had children, she would never treat them that way.
What she did not know was that shortly after she left her village near Bordeaux, a
High Inquisitor from the Grand Inquisition named Pere Guillame de Jobert had heard the
rumors of a girl who had visions from God. The Inquisitor priest visited the town of
Bordeaux and questioned Andiette‘s parents about her visions. Andiette‘s parents
refused to answer. The Inquisitor responded by taking red hot branding irons from the
fireplace and burning them into the parents‘ flesh.
―Talk!‖ he screamed. ―Where is the witch?‖
When the parents refused to yield, they were accused of supporting witchcraft and
hanged in the public square. Their house was burned and all their possessions seized by
the Church. As Petit Paul stood in his doorway, watching the black smoke rise into the
night sky from Andiette‘s former house down the street, he felt a sudden pang of guilt,
and hoped his friend Andiette had made it to safety.