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speaking to her. Like Joan, if the Lord wanted her to write this vision down in her Bible,
then she would do God‘s will. It was not for her to question God. Was some handwriting
in a Bible more fantastic than speaking through a burning bush or parting an entire sea?
No, of course not. Henriette vowed to ask her father and her husband what this all meant.
Henriette found herself momentarily distracted by her hunger and devoured a piece
of nutbread. Her hunger satiated, she packed up her things. Badly shaken and confused,
the young French girl set off with her dog for the trail that would take her back to the
village of Agen to her husband Michel de Nostradame, the man the world would later
know as Nostradamus.
January 15, 2013. Salon-de-Provence, France.
The burly workman hired by Father du Bois aimed his sledge hammer at the stone
wall in the basement of l‘Eglise de St. Michel. After his last swing, the last remnants of
the stone wall came down. Father du Bois aimed his flashlight in the murky black space
beyond the wall. There was something back there, all right. The priest entered the room
behind the wall and shined his light around. There was a staircase, leading downward to
an old wine cellar. Huge, centuries-old, wooden wine casks ran along the wall. The
groundwater leaking into the basement of the church was coming from a hole somewhere
up in the rafters of this wine cellar. The next call was to the plumber, who would need to
caulk the hole where the water was entering.
The workman asked the priest in French if he needed any more help. No, the priest
said, the workman could go. Father du Bois looked through the labyrinth of cobwebs
running across the room.. With a broom, he whisked the webs away and went down the
stairs. When he got to the bottom of the steps, he inspected the wine casks. Behind each
cask was a small, wooden fleur-de-lis nailed to the wall, which bore the name of the wine
which had once rested within the cask. Father du Bois shined his light on the labels over
each cask. That was strange. One of them looked different from the others. Father du
Bois went back through the hole in the wall to get a ladder. What he would later discover
would change the course of history.