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clown we have in there now. You have my three possibilities, but I want to know if you
guys have come up with anybody better.‖
―Mr. President… Wow, it feels really great to say that,‖ Bixby cooed.
―It feels great for me too,‖ joked Woodson, as the yes-men in the room all giggled.
―Of course, all three of your selections are excellent, Mr. President. The only other
one we came up with was Tony Delano from Missouri. As you recall, he narrowly lost
his Senate run against Claire McCaskill, so he needs something to do. He is an up-and-
comer in the Party, very smart, some say he is a real egghead. He is a former Missouri
Highway Patrol Officer and he served as a JAG in the Gulf, so he has law enforcement
experience. He is a total straight arrow, goes to Catholic Church every week with his
doting, ugly Italian wife and a couple brainy kids. He has no skeletons. All in all, I think
he would be a safe pick. Here‘s his photo.‖ Bixby slid the 8x10 over the table to the
President. ―Other than Delano, we have your three picks, Mr. President. That‘s all I
None of the other members of the group had any other suggestions. Then Anna
Scall‘s Chief of Staff, Matt Suba, spoke up. Suba had been golfing earlier in the day, and
so was wearing a yellow short-sleeved golf shirt. His biceps were bulging from the sides
of the shirt. He always tried to wear tight short-sleeved shirts whenever he could. He
had a brown buzz-cut, tight abs and one of those chiseled faces that women loved. He
obviously was not afraid to speak out, even across the table from the President-Elect of
the Untied States.
―Mr. President-Elect, there is one other gentleman we might consider for Director,‖
said Suba. ―His name is Rick Thomas. He is currently the Sheriff of McCormick
County, South Carolina. Now I know what you are going to say, too small town. But
this is the officer who cracked the case of that young lady who killed her whole family
with rat poison. I know Rick very well, and he is a straight law-and-order guy. He also
has no skeletons. I cannot think of anyone better to be the Director of the FBI.‖
T.J. Donovan, one of the young, slick-haired, East Coast political science junkies
who was on Woodson‘s staff, almost laughed at the suggestion.
―Look, Matt, no offense, we love South Carolina and everything, but this is the most
important post in perhaps the entire country. This is the guy who is going to find the
terrorists from Cincinnati. We just had perhaps the worst terrorist attack on our nation.
And you want to entrust the nation‘s safety to some hillbilly sheriff from the backwoods?
That‘s crazy. Once they see his beer gut and hear his twang, he will get eaten alive on
MSNBC. We will never get him through.‖
―Well, T.J….‖ Suba spit the word ―T.J.‖ with as much contempt as he could
muster. ―I know you don‘t like Southern accents, but America seemed to have no
problem electing a South Carolina beauty queen with a Southern accent as their next Vice
President. And while you were making a fool of yourself on Hardball with Chris
Matthews, our Governor from the South was administering CPR and saving a little boy‘s
life. And contrary to what you may have learned in your vast three years of experience in
Washington, T.J., not all of us in the South look like Boss Hog, drink moonshine from a
jug, and sport beer guts. So why not open your mind at least give the guy a chance?‖
―Look,‖ said Donovan, clearly miffed at the experience comment, ―I have been
around Washington D.C. a lot longer…‖