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―Is there anything else?‖
―Yes, Revelations says that for three and a half days, the two witnesses are not
buried, and that after that time, they will ascend to heaven, at which point there will be a
violent earthquake in which 7,000 will perish. Amy Idris was killed on February 3, 2013.
She was given a hero‘s funeral and finally buried three and a half days later, on February
6, 2013. And on that date, you may recall, there was a massive earthquake in Cuba, in
which over 7,000 people were killed. Sounds to me like a pretty good match.‖
―Wow, you have given me a lot to think about. I will definitely do some Bible
research on this thing in Revelations before the manuscript goes to print. Well, one thing
is for certain. If we are approaching the end of days, I better get the dishes in my sink
cleaned up. I want to look good for the Final Coming.‖
―Ha, ha. Very good, John. I will let you go. But the next time you go on one of
these scavenger hunts across the globe, take me with you. I would love to come along.‖
―Very well. I shall do that. Thanks again for your help, Erika.‖
―My pleasure.‖ With that, Erika Flynn was gone.
Morse thought about her words for a minute. He saw his son Zach down the street
riding his skateboard. He called to him. Zach came running up with his skate board a
moment later.
―Hey Pops, what‘s up?‖
―Take off your skateboard helmet and go get dressed nice. And tell your sister Zoey
to get dressed nice, too.‖
―Where are we going?‖
―We are going to Church.‖
―Church? We haven‘t been to Church since Mom died.‖
―I know that. And I think it is high time we started going again.‖
―OK, I‘ll go get Zoey.‖
Morse sat on the patio steps, and said a silent prayer to his wife. If it was the end of
days, he would be happy to see his wife again.