Quatrain HTML version

The two messengers give their lives,
MABUS threatens to control by blackmail
In the Room of Power the Devil is finished.
Morse wrote down the words in his notebook.
―What? That is impossible!‖ Morse exclaimed. ―How did we not see it before?‖
―I don‘t know. I guess in all the hurry to get you to the airport…‖
―Well, I would very much like to see that new scroll along with the others.‖
―Of course, John. We are going to loan them to you for a while.‖
―I shall give that last scroll a thorough examination when I receive it. If I hadn‘t
been shot at and kidnapped so many times, I would feel like we are the butt of some
centuries-old practical joke.‖
―Well, please let me know what you find. I am anxious to hear the result.‖
―Very well, my friend.‖
Morse looked at his notebook. Who were the two messengers?
August 1, 2013. Los Angeles, California, Home of John Morse
―Pops, I finished my Quatrain Rap for your book.‖
Morse had asked his son to put together a rap that he would publish at the end of his
new book, ―The Prophecies of Nostradamus‟ Wife.‖ Zach flung his shaggy hair, which
had now grown back as long as it was before, and was now covering half of his face.
Zach pulled out a laptop on the desk, and turned up the speaker volume. He hit a few
buttons, and his rap background music started blaring out. He put his green hoodie over
his head and some sunglasses, and then bounced and waved his arms like a rap star when
he sang:
Daddy is a wonk, he‟s a smarty and a scholar
He works all day, he don‟t make a lotta dollar,
His iPhone then starts a ringin‟ in his pants,
A priest is a callin,‟ he‟s a dude from France.
Daddy says, “Hey, Nostradamus is so whack,
But I‟ll bring little Zoey and my homeboy Zach,
So he flies off to France, and then I heard it tell
That he found him a secret under St. Michel.
We got all excited and our Daddy tried to calm us,
And he said, “Hey, man, it‟s the Vault of Nostradamus.
But kids, there‟s a problem that I see down the road.
The vault has a lock, and the thing‟s in code.”
But Daddy was fly, didn‟t soil his Tighty-Whitey
He solved him the riddle and it said, “Aphrodite.”