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Tuesday, February 5, 2013. Washington, D.C.
The day after the shooting at the White House, Morse met up with his mother, the
children‘s grandmother, who had been shuttled by the FBI to Morse‘s hotel. At noon, the
four of them got a quick lunch in the hotel lobby, and then got a taxi to the hotel where
Zoey had left the ancient scrolls written by Scaliger, as well as the letter of Nostradamus.
They handed the hotel clerk the key, and he came back moments later with his nylon bag.
Morse unzipped the bag to make sure none of the documents had been damaged. He
went over to a small coffee table in the lobby, and unrolled each one. None of them
seemed to be damaged. He put them back in his bag and then they hailed another taxi to
the airport. On the way to the airport, he got a ring on his cell phone. It was An
international call. The country code looked like Italy.
―John, is that you?‖
―Yes, it is.‖
―This is Benito Parducci calling from Verona.‖
―Are you OK, my friend? I heard the police were questioning you?‖
―I am fine. Apparently, my Government has agreed that you will have custody of all
the parchments for the next year. They are sending you the Verona scrolls tonight to
your office at UCLA.‖
―That is great news.‖
―I assume you are going to make sure your old friend Benito gets some credit when
the announcements are made, no?‖
―Of course, absolutely.‖
―Oh, that is a relief. I would hate to be left out of this exciting chapter of history.‖
―I will call you within the next week and we will go over exactly what kind of press
conference we are going to have. You can stand next to me if you want and I will give
you all the credit for your assistance in Verona.‖
―That is great. One other thing I wanted to ask you. Did you make notes of what
was written on the Verona scrolls?‖
―Yes, I did,‖ said Morse.
―Well, as I recall it, one of the last chapters made reference to the Devil gaining
power and then there being a nuclear war for 200 years or something.‖
―Yes, that is what it said.‖
―John, I just received the scrolls from the Verona Police Department yesterday.
Guess what? There was an additional scroll which you never saw which was stuck to the
back of the last scroll.‖
―What do you mean?‖
―There is another scroll, John. And it has one quatrain written on it. It reads:
Les anges peuvent arrêter le tir de barrage.
Les deux messagers donnent leur vie.
MABUS menace d'exercer le contrôle par le chantage
Dans La Salle de Pouvoir le Diable est fini.
The angels are able to stop the barrage,