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Suba dove over to the laptop, which was directly in front of the President, in an
attempt to hit the ―SEND‖ button. Jensen shot him in the back as he made his lunge, but
he managed to hit the ―SEND‖ button anyway.
Suba fell down to the ground of the rug, grimacing and laughing. ―Well, the last
laugh is on you, Anna, when the world sees that.‖
Jensen radioed his computer technician. ―Did you shut down the node in time?‖
―Yes, shut it down. Nothing got out. And we will make sure every one of the tapes
is erased showing the President.‖
―Good,‖ said Jensen. ―And then I have a laptop you need to clean.‖
Jensen deleted the photos from the laptop and deleted them again from the Recycle
Bin. The analyst would remove all traces from the laptop.
―Your pictures did not get out, Suba.‖
―You just shot the sitting Vice President, you moron!‖ said Suba. ―You are going to
get the electric chair.‖
―No,‖ said Scall. ―What I saw was a crazy person, who had a mental breakdown
after the exhausting terrorist attacks, who made a lunge at the President of the United
States. As my protectors, the Secret Service had no other choice but to shoot. Isn‘t that
what you all saw?‖
All the agents nodded. ―That‘s what I saw,‖ they each said.
―That‘s what I saw, too,‖ said Morse, in the doorway.
―And even if a prosecutor wanted to buck the President and arrest Detective Jensen,‖
said President Scall, ―I would give him an immediate pardon. You may recall, Matt, that
is one of the powers of the President of the United States.‖
The life was going out of Suba. He had no other cards to play.
―One more thing I need to know,‖ asked Jensen. ―Are you Mudabbir, the Planner?‖
Suba laughed on the ground, blood pouring out of his wound. ―I will see all of you
in hell!‖ With that, Matt Suba closed his eyes. The Secret Service Agent felt Suba‘s
pulse. He was gone.
In the days that followed, Jensen met privately with the President. He explained that
they would erase all the videotapes of what happened in the Oval Office, but that the
media would go crazy when they heard that. The Vice President, shot by his own agents
in the Oval Office? The public would want answers. When the tapes could not be
produced, the media would scream cover-up. And no one could guarantee that every one
of his agents as well as Morse would keep their mouths shut. But Jensen‘s people were
loyal and they agreed to help Scall weather the coming storm.
Scall shook John Morse‘s hand and thanked him for his service to the country. Scall
told Morse that she planned to award him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the
highest honor which can be bestowed by the American government on a private citizen.
Morse was flattered by the honor.