Quatrain HTML version

―Anna, I don‘t have faith in many people. Especially Arabs and Muslims. They
came over here, blew up an elementary school, killing hundreds of school children, then
they blew up a church, killing the President of the United States and half of our
Government, and now they just tried to blow up a stadium filled with 60,000 people—oh,
and, by the way, the President again. Anna, you have to take decisive action now. These
terrorists need a lesson. Under the Bush and Woodson doctrine, anyone who helps a
terrorist is the sworn enemy of the United States. You were part of the Woodson team,
Anna. You only have one choice here, and that is nuclear.‖
―What? I am not going to start firing off nuclear weapons!‖
―Anna, with all due respect…‖
―It‘s Madame President!‖
―OK, Madame President, then with all due respect, why do we have the nuclear
arsenal if we are not going to use it during war? If you don‘t bomb them, we are going to
keep getting hit with attacks. You don‘t want that, do you?‖
―Well, who are you proposing that I bomb?‖
―Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, the
West Bank, the Gaza Strip. You can spare Morocco, Jordan, and Turkey. They have
never done anything to hurt us as far as I know.‖
―Matt, you are out of your mind!‖
―Am I? That is where the terrorists come from. We know from Homeland Security
that three of the terrorists involved in the Superbowl plot were born in Pakistan and are
sons of Osama Bin Laden. They probably trained in camps in Afghanistan. The church
bomber was from Iraq. The Cincinnatti bomber was from Iran. We know that the
Christmas 2009 Detroit bomber was from Yemen. Of the 19 9-11 hijackers, 15 were
from Saudi Arabia, 2 were from the United Arab Emirates, and one was from Egypt.
The U.S.S. Cole was attacked by terrorists who were freed by Yemeni officials and
helped by the Sudanese government. In 1985, we were attacked by Palestinians. The
Department of State says Syria is a state sponsor of terrorism. All of these countries are
enemies of the Untied States.‖
―Matt, under your theory, the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, was from England.
Should we bomb England too?‖
―But he trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are just looking for countries
which sponsor radical Islam. England is not one of those.‖
―Matt, this is a silly conversation. I am not going to shoot nuclear bombs and over a
dozen Middle East countries. You have lost your mind.‖
Suba grabbed her wrist roughly. ―I am not being silly. I am trying to protect this
―Matt, you better let go of me right now.‖
―Madame President, I have taken the liberty of asking the Secret Service agent with
the football to join us in the Oval Office.‖ He went to the door and let the agent in.
―Thank you, Agent Griggs. Leave that on the President‘s desk and wait right outside
the door, please.‖
Anna Scall was so surprised by this last move that she was utterly speechless while
the guard placed the silver suitcase on the desk of the President, and then left the room.
―Anna, I will need you to enter the codes.‖