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By 5:12 p.m., the Regional FAA Liaison for Delta was on the phone with two
Detectives and the Director of Homeland Security.
―Nancy was scheduled on Delta Flight 16 leaving for Los Angeles at 2:00 p.m.
today. The pilot was Louis Caradonna, the co-pilot was Stephen Bishop, and the two
flight attendants were Nancy Eli and Beverly Stiller. I am e-mailing you their IDs,
photos, and addresses now.‖
By 5:22 p.m., FBI Field Agents had arrived at Louis Caradonna‘s house and found
the two bodies zipped inside duffelbags in the basement.
By 5:31 p.m. FBI Field Agents spoke with the wife of Corporate Jet Express pilot
Tim Welsch, who had called the company when her husband had not called his wife in
several hours. The wife confessed that her husband had agreed to take Perez‘s flight to
New Orleans earlier that morning. The wife confirmed that they had two children.
By 5:32, the Detectives at Homeland Security figured out that they had shot down
the wrong plane.
At 5:52 p.m., the tapes from Miami Dade International Airport Security arrived via
e-mail. The video footage of the gate for Flight 16 showed Perez, another Arab looking
man, and two Arab looking women dressed as flight attendants board the plane. Analysts
compared their photographs in the video with the photos on their ID cards provided by
Delta. They did not match.
At 5:56, the FAA confirmed that Flight 16 was descending into New Orleans and
was 22 minutes away from the City.
At 6:00, the Panthers won the coin toss and elected to receive.
At 6:02, a massive tractor trailer, fitted with side machine guns mounted to the hood,
rolled down Highway I-10 East towards the stadium.