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sleeves. Morse was handcuffed in the back of the police car, which was parked next to
the truck.
―It is a shame we have to give up one of the trucks,‖ said Antonio. ―The explosions
would be better with two trucks.‖
―Yes, but we have the police car,‖ said his brother.
Morse was listening through the slightly open window of the back of the police car,
where he was bound and gagged. The brothers had only questioned him for about ten
minutes about an hour ago, asking him what ―lead‖ he was going to give to police.
Morse feigned interest. The brothers seemed to shrug it off, as if they were not very
interested. Morse considered this. It was probably because they figured their plan was so
far advanced now, it could not be stopped.
Miami, Florida, 8 a.m.
That morning, at 8 a.m., Francisco Perez was scheduled to fly a group of corporate
executives in the company Lear jet from Miami to New Orleans for the big game. He
called in sick at the last minute, asking a fellow pilot named Tim Welsch to take his shift.
Perez asked Welsch to punch in Perez‘s time card when he started and ended the shift.
Perez said he was on probation for attendance right now and didn‘t want to get in trouble.
Perez promised Welsch that he would pay him for the flight out of his next paycheck, and
would give him $100 as a bonus. Welsch agreed. He had spiraling credit card bills and
needed money. For anyone in the control tower, it would look like Perez was piloting the
Washington, DC, 8:45 a.m.
President Anna Scall was excited about her first trip on Air Force One. She was
dressed in black pants, a black and blue Panthers jersey with ―Benjamin‖ written on the
back, and a blue and black ponytail. Matt Suba told the President that he had to stay
back and attend to the bombing investigation and other matters, but that he would watch
the game on TV. The President‘s husband and children would be joining her on Air
Force One to go to the big game. As Scall and her husband got to the top of the steps to
board the plane, Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report suddenly jumped out from
inside the plane, growling like a panther, acting as if his hands were cat‘s paws. Colbert
was a native of South Carolina and had been invited by the President to join her family
on the plane. His entire face looked like a blue cat. She laughed and took a photo with
Colbert and her husband and then hopped inside the plane, excited about attending the
At 10 a.m., Matt Suba left the White House and went into a small coffee shop across
the street. He took out his untraceable cell phone with prepaid minutes and sent a text
message to his pilots. Moments later, he received a text message back. Everything was
in place and ready to go. He made a similar text to his ground team. The message back
was: ―Dinner party ready to go. Our good friend John is with us and has promised he
will not spoil the party.‖ Suba smiled. There was a reason he called himself Mudabbir.
He was an excellent planner. By the end of today, he would be President of the Untied
States, and the world would be a different place.