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Miami, Florida. February 3, 2013. 2 a.m.
Lou Caradanno was tired. He had been piloting Delta planes all week to Los
Angeles and back and had seen his wife very little. He was really mad he had to take the
2 p.m. flight to Los Angeles tomorrow and miss the Superbowl. He had promised his
wife he would watch it with her, but he was one of the lowest in seniority at Delta, so he
always got the crummy routes nobody wanted. It was a good paying job, though, and
that was tough to come by these days. His wife rustled him at 2 a.m.
―Honey, I thought I heard a noise.‖
Uggh. ―Are you sure?‖
―I am pretty sure.‖
Caradanno sat in bed for another minute. His wife nudged him again.
―Lou, go check it out, OK?‖
―Uh, OK honey.‖
He rolled out of bed, slowly looking for the light switch.
A dark shadow silently came into the doorway. There were two quick pings and it
was all over. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Caradanno were dead. The gunman turned the light on.
He rolled each body into a long canvas bag and zipped them up. Then he took each body
down into the family‘s basement, and hid them behind some old paint cans. Then the
killer went upstairs and mopped the hardwood floor of the bedroom with cleanser and a
mop so there would be no blood residue.
The killer looked into the pilot‘s closet. His Delta Uniform was there, pressed and
ready to go. He put that and the pilot‘s shoes into a third bag. He also checked the
nightstand, and took the pilot‘s Delta ID, his car keys, his wallet, and his cell phone. The
man known to the world as Francisco Perez, known to his master as an Abisali, known to
the team as Altair, known to his father Osama Bin Laden as son, would now have a new
identity—Lou Caradonna, Delta Pilot.
Perez went into Caradonna‘s garage and opened the door with the garage opener. He
pulled Caradonna‘s 4x4 out of the driveway. Perez‘s wife Feyza and his sister-in-law
Saieed, driving the minivan, followed him to the next location, the home of Delta Flight
Attendant Nancy Eli on Hibernia Lane. Perez, his wife, and his sister-in-law would have
two more stops after that. By 4 a.m., the bodies of one pilot, one co-pilot, two flight
attendants, and four spouses, were in canvas bags. By 6 a.m., the terrorist team was back
at the safe house in Miami, where they met Tikah, the man who would act as co-pilot.
Tikah took the Delta IDs from his friend. The Delta IDs would have new faces within the
New Orleans. Warehouse District. February 3, 2013. 6 a.m.
By 6 a.m., both Al Hamal brothers were back at the truck garage in the warehouse
district of New Orleans. One of the brothers, the one known as Antonio, finished packing
the last box of C4 explosives. His little brother was finishing the rigging of the special
machine guns to the front of the truck. The guns folded into sleeves on the side of the
truck hood so that when the truck drove down the road, no one would notice the guns. A
remote control pressed from a handheld device would pivot the machine guns out of their