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After a few minutes, he said. ―Officer, in my bag, you are going to find several
ancient scrolls, which are over five hundred years old. They are one of the greatest
archaeological finds in history, and if you are rough with them, you are going to forever
damage or destroy them. So could I ask you to please treat the items in the bag
The officer turned back to Morse with a grimace. ―Sir, maybe you did not hear me.
I need you to shut your pie-hole NOW, do you understand?‖
Morse rolled his eyes. Ignorant people really irritated him. He certainly appreciated
their bravery in keeping the peace, but why did so many of these officers always have to
act like ignorant apes?
Vail, Colorado.
In Vail, Colorado, 7‘ 2‖ Tim Scall and his three children were skiing down
Adventure Ridge. Their favorite trails were Cheetah and Simbah, big wide-open
intermediate trails. His kids waited for him at the bottom, for they were faster than he
was. He loved this trip. The campaign had been excruciatingly difficult for everyone in
the family, and wreaked absolute havoc on his dental practice. He was not ready to
adjust to his new life as the husband of the Vice President. He was going to have nothing
to do each day. Also, the assassination of the agent on Inauguration Day had worried
him. He did not want his wife or kids taken out by some crazy. They badly needed a
vacation. He was absolutely savoring this time on the mountain with his children. They
had gone inner-tubing at night and visited a natural hot spring. And even though it was
January, the weather was in the 30s and the sky was clear and blue. He was so happy to
be here. All his children were good snowboarders. He had tried it once, but preferred
skiing. With his height, he felt like you needed a lower center of gravity to snowboard.
The only bad time they had so far was this morning, when they took a wrong turn and
went down ―Cub‘s Way,‖ a beginner trail which was very flat. Flat trails are terrible for
snowboards, and result in long walks. Scall had tried to pull his snowboarding daughter
with his ski pole, but had thrown out his shoulder pulling her. But now they were having
loads of fun.
As he got near the end of Simba, he stopped with his kids to take a breather. They
were waiting with a big guy named Don, who was skiing with them. He was their Secret
Service escort while they were on the hill. Tim Scall took off his snow goggles to clear
the fog on the glass. The sun reflected off the white snow, so it was hard to see. He
squinted up the hill, but it looked like a lot of skiers were coming down the hill quickly.
Scall put his goggles back on. Five members of the Vail Ski Patrol in red parkas with a
big Red Cross on the front came whizzing down Simba, and hockey-stopped in front of
them in a spray of snow.
―Are you Tim Scall?‖ asked one of the leaders.
―Yes, I am.‖
―We have received an urgent call from the Secret Service to get you off the mountain
―What is happening?‖ asked Don. ―I have not heard anything.‖ Don checked his
―Sometimes the reception up here on the hill is bad,‖ said the man from the Ski