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fled out of the stadium, the Al-Hamal brother would be ready to ram them with trucks
filled with C4. The twins had rigged special machine guns which, at a moment‘s notice,
could be fitted onto the front of their trucks. Any guards who tried to stop them outside
the stadium would be gunned down in a hail of gunfire. The hardest part of this mission
was the waiting. They had waited their whole lives for this moment.
Ammar, the Builder, raised his mug of ginger tea. ―My friends,‖ he said in Arabic.
―Tomorrow is a great day. We shall cut the head off the Americans‘ government
tomorrow, leaving them as helpless as children. And then you three will finish what your
father, our Master, started. God is great.‖
―God is great!‖ said all three brothers, raising their mugs as well.
―I am sorry, Ammar, that we will find the virgins before you. It is a shame that you
cannot die in the explosion.‖
―Yes, it is a great sacrifice,‖ lamented Ammar. ―But I am certain that the Americans
will find me eventually and torture and kill me, so I will join you eventually. Just save
some virgins for me!‖ he smiled. The four men laughed.
―The Superbowl is on February 3,‖ said one of the twins. ―Just five days after Milad
un Nabi, the Prophet‘s birthday. What a fitting birthday present this will be, don‘t you
―Yes!‖ the three exclaimed. ―A great birthday present indeed!‖
―Who do you think Mudabbir is?‖ asked Altair.
―I do not know, but I get the impression that he is not Muslim,‖ said one of the
―Why do you say that?‖
―We had our first meeting this past year at the end of July, in the middle of
Ramadan, and he mentioned nothing about fasting or the holiday.‖
―You may be right,‖ said Altair. ―I get the impression he is high in their
government, because he seems to know everything. For example, he told Ammar that the
Secret Service did not detect the statues in their security sweep of the church. How
would he know that?‖
―It does not matter to me,‖ said Ammar. ―I would take directions from the Devil
himself to take out those American dogs. They wiped out my whole family, and they are
going to pay for that.‖
Altair patted his friend‘s back in comfort. They finished their tea in quiet. After
some brief discussion about what the news media would say the next day, Ammar
decided he needed to get some sleep. The three brothers bid farewell to their friend. It
would be the last time they would see him.
The Al Hamal brothers were driving their trucks to New York City tonight.
Mudabbir had sent them a text message about an hour ago. Three Americans were
arriving on a flight from Italy tonight. They would be staying at the Marriott in Times
Square tonight before their scheduled flight to Los Angeles tomorrow. The Mudabbir
said they needed to be killed. Apparently, they had information about their plans and may
decide to go to the authorities. The Al Hamal brothers were not going to allow that.
Mudabbir had sent them an MMS message on their phones with the text message. A
middle-aged professor and two teenagers. The job should be very easy.
La Guardia Airport. New York City, NY