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January 21, 2013. 10 p.m. Washington, D.C.
The four men finished a late meal of hummus, halabi kebabs, string bean soup and
melon. They were in good spirits. Ammar, the Builder, known to the world as Hector
Santiago, poured some ginger tea for his three friends, all of whom were sons of Osama
bin Laden. The three brothers had been schooled by their father from the time they were
born to be ―Abisali,‖ or ―Warriors of the Faith.‖ All three traveled from Pakistan to
Jordan to Morocco and finally to Mexico. They adopted Mexican names, and with their
olive skin and dark curly hair, could pass well enough for Mexicans. In their early
twenties, the three had entered America under F-1 visas as visiting engineering students,
a skill they had picked up from their father, but they never even arrived on campus at the
University of Albuquerque. They went underground, later obtaining fake social security
numbers and driver‘s licenses. Ultimately, they landed in Miami.
The older brother, known to the world as Francisco Perez, went to flight school, and
after several years of training, obtained a job as a pilot for Corporate Jet Express in 2010.
He acted as co-pilot during his probationary period for the first year, but six months ago,
was being assigned his own flights as the pilot. According to his friends and neighbors,
he was a devout Catholic, going to Catholic mass in Miami every Sunday. But secretly,
he kept his Muslim faith and the religious rituals learned from his father long ago. The
two twins, known to the world as Diego and Antonio Sanchez, went to trucking school,
and after a year of training, had received their Commercial Driver‘s Licenses. Each
worked as an over-the-road eighteen-wheel truck driver for Fleet Trucking. They had
been proud to receive their Arabic code names for this mission for the faith. The older
brother, Francisco, was given the name ―Altair,‖ Arabic for ―Flying Eagle.‖ The twins
were each known as ―Al Hamal,‖ or ―the Rams.‖ Earlier today, they had each received a
text message from Mudabbir, the Planner. Their phase of the operation was ready.
Tomorrow would be a great day for the Prophet. Ammar regretted that he would
not be able to detonate the bomb in the statue from within the church, for he longed to die
as a martyr for the faith. But Mudabbir had told him detonation must be accomplished a
safe distance away. Ammar had signed a lease for this house over a year ago. The house
was two blocks away from St. Anthony of Padua, which was certainly within range for
adequate detonation. When the detonation occurred, the Americans would not know
what hit them. Their President and Vice President, all of their Supreme Court Justices,
the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader of the Senate, and half the government
would be blown away in one mighty blast. The Americans‘ government would be in
shambles. And just then, when the imperialists were at their weakest, the three brothers
would deal the death blow for Islam on the stadium in New Orleans.
On the wall behind the four men were several maps, including an architectural map
of the Louisiana Superdome, showing the primary beams holding up the stadium and the
walkways leading from the Superdome to the Hornets Basketball Arena. Another map
showed detailed information about Highway 10, Poydras Street, and the roads and exits
leading into the stadium. A third map showed a detailed map of the parking lots around
the stadium. Their plan was for Altair to fly his Delta plane directly into the top of the
stadium, taking out as many of the people in the stands as possible. When the survivors