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Barak Obama had reassuring words for the country and harsh words for the bombers.
He vowed to find them wherever they were and obtain justice. But so far, the FBI and
Homeland Security had turned up nothing. There were no cameras at the school. No
parent or bus driver remembered seeing anything suspicious. And the physical evidence
was buried under a mountain of rubble. The FBI would find what they needed eventually,
but it would take time, and in the homestretch of a Presidential election, that was a luxury
the President could not afford. Hannity, Beck, O‘Reilly and the rest of the Fox News
gang were merciless in accusing the President of incompetence and demanding to know
the identity of the terrorists. Dick Cheney returned to the ―Talking Head‖ circuit,
quacking to anyone who would listen that he had told them so, and that if the country had
not gone soft on water-boarding terrorists, we would not be in this position. But more
importantly, all across America, mothers became very, very worried. An attack on a
government building or a skyscraper was one thing. This was an attack on suburbia, on
an elementary school! If the terrorists could strike in Cincinnati, they could strike
anywhere. A wave of panic set in, and Tim Woodson stepped into the fray of paranoia
nicely, assuring voters that he was in a better position than the President to protect
America. By Halloween, Woodson and his running mate, heroic South Carolina
Governor Anna Scall, were ahead by three points in most polls.
On Halloween, the lead investigator in the bombings, FBI Chief Detective Rudyard
―Ruddy‖ Montana announced a lead. A hiker had found a Mills Janitorial Company white
plastic trash barrel under a small bridge in a creek bed a few miles from Kirkwood
Elementary. The barrel contained a number of discarded pieces of paper that clearly came
from Kirkwood Elementary. The FBI concluded that the bomber must have posed as a
janitorial worker, taken one of school‘s trash barrels and put it on his truck, and then
replaced it with an identical plastic barrel full of explosives. Later, driving down the road
away from the school, he must have stashed the barrel of trash from the school under the
bridge. The FBI searched for fingerprints on the barrel and began combing through the
records of Mills Janitorial.
However, while the discovery bumped the President‘s approval ratings back a point
or two by Election Day, it was simply too little, too late. Voters turned out in droves to
elect the candidate best equipped to battle terrorism. On Election night, the State of Ohio
put Tim Woodson over the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to win the Presidential
January 16, 2013. 2 a.m. Washington, D.C.
Two months after the election, the one called ―Mudabbir,‖ or the Planner, sat up in
his bed at 2 a.m. He was frantic. He had seen something important in his dreams. The
Ancient Prophecy had never been extinguished. Now, the prophecy was out in the open.
This could ruin everything. He quickly picked up his cell phone and started making
international calls.