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―Dad, we are not leaving you.‖ Zach and Zoey looked around, while their father
caught his breath. Zach saw a large doorway to a castle tower directly to his left. Just
then, the dark man in the gray and black shirt, sans his cowboy hat, came around the
corner at full speed about two blocks away.
―Quick! In here!‖ yelled Zach, ushering his dad and sister through the door. They
bolted up the steps as fast as they could. After about six stories Morse was exhausted,
sweating profusely and slowing down. Down below, he could hear the sound of the
gunman. Morse had to push on. His kids were already at the top of the tower. He
sprinted up the last two flights, coming out on top of an ancient castle wall.
He was momentarily distracted by the brisk breeze and panoramic sights. The view
up here was breathtaking. Straight ahead running in one direction was a long gray stone
pathway, with gray castle walls on either side at shoulder height, and cutouts along the
top of the wall for long-dead archers.
A moment later, the terror of the moment returned, and Morse ran forward along the
top of the castle wall, his children far ahead of him. As he approached a corner of the
ramparts, a bullet whizzed by his right arm, exploding into dust in the wall to his right.
In sheer panic, he ran as fast as he could along the wall. He made it to the heavy oak door
of the next tower. Once inside, he noted that there were no steps heading down. He was
inside a small stone chamber. He had to continue through the door on the opposite side.
As soon as he burst out the door on the back side, he almost fell across some kind of
brown leather and wood contraption. He saw Zach up ahead holding a rope.
―Quick, Pops! Come towards us and get out of the way!‖
Morse stepped across a semi-circular lattice cup of wood and leather, attached to a
long beam. In a flash, he could see what his son was planning. He scrambled over
another ten feet. He helped his son turn a large lever. Just then, the gunman in the gray
shirt and jeans came barreling out the door and fell into the wooden cup.
―See ya!‖ yelled Zach. With that he and his father turned the lever, and the catapult
which Zach had set up near the door flung their assailant and his weapon heavenward.
The three watched as the gunman hit the wall, and then flew off the edge of the wall,
hurtling towards the cobblestones below, where he landed violently.
―Great thinking, Zach!‖
―They had this thing up here on the wall, so I figured it was worth a shot.‖
―I can‘t believe that worked,‖ smiled Morse.
Down far below, the dark-skinned man in the gray Armani suit and aviator
sunglasses suit saw his partner fly off the castle wall and land in a bloody splatter on the
gray stones of the marketplace. The man in the suit was not happy. Those Americans
would pay for this. He saw them run across the castle walls, and when they went through
the door of a tower on the end of the walls, he judged where they would come out below.
He would be waiting for them.
Fortunately, however, Zoey‘s sharp eyes spotted the man in the suit below. The
three concocted a plan to avoid him. After running into the end tower, they would duck
down below the castle walls where they could not be seen, and crouching, retrace their
steps back the way they came. The three went as fast as they could in crouched position
back across the ramparts. When they came down to the bottom of the stairs, Morse
looked around the corner of the wall and saw no one suspicious. In the distance, they
could hear sirens. Obviously, the police had made it to the scene, either in response to