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Bixby really hated Suba. That guy seemed like he never wanted to follow the rules.
On the other hand, this was going to be a disaster if they did not do something fast. The
Trujeo woman was half of his Inauguration Speech, for Christ‘s sake, he could not take
that back!
―Listen,‖ said Suba. ―We have to get on the funeral arrangements for the Secret
Service guy right away. I will call the widow and get it all planned out, full military
thing with the gun salute, flag, the works. I‘ll see where she wants to do the funeral.‖
―That would be fine,‖ said Bixby, barely listening. Bixby called a Deputy Director
at Immigration to see if he could fix the Trujeo matter. Surely bumping up naturalization
paperwork on one hotel maid could not be that difficult? The official was not in, so
Bixby left an urgent message.
―Hey, Chance,‖ said Dominic, ―I have some new info on the Chief Justice
assassination. I talked to the guys over at the C.I.A. and the Secret Service. They tell me
that before coming to the Secret Service, Gil Johnston was an interrogator at Abu
―So?‖ said Bixby.
―So guess who was interrogated rather roughly at Abu Ghraib?‖
―You have got to be kidding me.‖
―Nope. Our shooter, Mohammed el Faya.‖ Dominic shoved the top secret file
across Bixby‘s desk. Bixby looked at it in disgust.
―Annie! Get the team in here now!‖
Bixby scowled. If this was just a revenge killing for Abu Ghraib, Keith Olbermann
was going to have a field day.