Quatrain HTML version

As the bus passed across the ancient nine-arched Pont Vieux Bridge running over the
River Aude into Carcassonne, Morse looked out his window in amazement. He had
never seen such a beautiful city. Morse woke up his son Zach. Zach cleared his eyes and
looked up at the huge medieval towers.
―Hey, this kind of looks like Disneyland,‖ said Zoey. ―Are we in Eurodisney?‖
―No, Zoey.‖
―It is funny you should say that, though,‖ said Doug, ―Walt Disney came to the City
of Carcassonne and drew his inspiration for Sleeping Beauty‘s Castle from the towers of
this very city. So in a way, this is kind of like Disneyland.‖
―Are there roller coasters?‖
Zach and the men laughed. ―No,‖ said her father. ―No roller coasters.‖ Morse
introduced Doug and Ray to his two children. Then Morse told the children how he and
his new friends had solved part of the riddle from the organ while they were sleeping.
Zach especially liked the part about the flying pig.
―Welcome to the Medieval City of Carcassonne,‖ said the bus driver.
The bus rumbled through the huge castle arch, past the first, and then the second
towering stone wall of Carcassonne.
―Woa,‖ said Zach, looking out the window. After thinking for a minute, he turned to
his father. ―Hey Pops, I got a new one:
Boyz in the village said, “This Charlie Dude‟s a pain,
He keeps on attackin‟ he‟s my boy Charlemagne
We just got a piggy and one bag „a grain
Maybe we should bounce off and head to Spain.”
Lady said, “Boyz, don‟t you all be afraid
I gotta big plan and I think we got it made.
Feed the food to the piggy, and shoot him off the wall
Like a three-point shot of a piggy basketball.”
So they shot off the pig and the townies made a wish
Landed right on target, and it made a swish.
Charlie he was scared when the piggy made a splatter
“If the piggy is fat, then the people‟s even fatter”
So he packed up his homies and he bolted outa there
And the lady rang the church bells of St. Nazaire
So her peeps were all happy that the battle she done won
And that there‟s the Story of Carcassonne!”
Oonce, oonce, oonce, oonce….
The adults all laughed. ―Your boy has a real talent there,‖ said Ray. ―I like the part
about the piggy basketball.‖
Two rows ahead of them, a man speaking in French, wearing headphones attached to
a laptop seemed to be very excited and was gesturing to some of the other passengers.