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Morse took out the first letter written by Nostradamus that they had found in the
vault. The handwriting did not match.
―Well, we know one thing for certain,‖ said Morse. ―Whoever wrote the first letter
we found in the vault did not write this letter. I wonder what is going on here. This letter
from the organ seems very sarcastic and angry. From what I know of Nostradamus from
books, he was a very proud man, very convinced of his own abilities, and very blind to
his own short-comings. I frankly cannot see him writing anything like this. On the other
hand, he must have known about this letter, because his letter from the vault pointed us
here. It is puzzling.‖
Morse unrolled the second scroll on the piano bench. Glued with wax into the
middle of the scroll were twelve smaller pieces of parchment, which appeared to have
been ripped from a book. Closer inspection revealed that the pages were ripped from a
King James Bible. Across the twelve pages of Corinthians were twelve handwritten
quatrains, one per page, scrawled in India ink. Morse wrote the French words down in
his notebook, along with his English translations:
Suprême au pape lui-mme, c‟est le huitime,
Ceux qui protestent sont traités comme traîtres et assassiné.
Bouffi d‟orgueil, il s‟est mari avec la crme,
Des belles femmes: une morte, une survécu, deux divorcées, deux capitées
Supreme to the pope himself, he is the eighth,
Those who protest are murdered and treated as traitors.
Fat with pride, he married the cream of the crop,
Beautiful women: one died, one survived, two divorced, two beheaded
Le Monstre de Valachie est le diable.
Il empale ses victimes avec un bâton trenchant.
Sa cruauté et son caractère impitoyables sont abominables.
Il écorche tout vif des hommes implorants.
The Monster of Wallachia is the devil.
He impales his victims with a sharp stick.
His cruelty and ruthlessness are abominable.
He skins alive pleading men.
Un loup déguisé en prêtre, il achètera la papauté.
Son avidité est insatiable, rien ne lui suffit.
Il engendra six enfants illégitimes avec ses prostiuées.
Même le meurtre de ses propres enfants ne satisfait pas son appétit.
A wolf in priest‘s clothing, he shall buy the papacy.
His greed is insatiable, nothing is enough for him.
He will father six illegitimate children with his whores.