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could walk behind the organ to a small space behind it, where other organ pipes lined the
―This is the original organ, which dates all the way to the sixteenth century. The
only French organ older than this is in the Basilica of St. Navaire in Carcassonne. With
some exceptions where we have made repairs and replacements, these are the same pipes
that existed centuries ago. We do not use this much anymore because we have the big
organ and this one is in pretty bad shape. Sometimes, though, on Easter, if we have a
priest who is visiting us who is also an organist, we may play both organs during
services, but usually we use the big one. May I ask what your interest is in medieval
organs? Are you a music historian? I am Father Gerard, by the way.‖ The priest
extended his hand.
―I am John Morse, and these are my children Zach and Zoey. We are doing some
sight-seeing. I have what you might call a hobby. I enjoy looking at old artifacts in
buildings. I am a professor at UCLA.‖
―Oh, how nice.‖ Father Gerard eyed Morse for a moment, considering his words.
―Mr. Morse, pardon me, and I know this may sound somewhat strange, but I must tell
you about the dream I had last night. I have never had one like it before. In the dream,
there was a man in my church, with two children-- a boy and a girl, much like yourself,
and the man was on a most dire mission—a spiritual mission, for God himself. And in
my dream, I felt an overwhelming need to help this man and his children, in whatever
way I could. And then I woke up. I thought it was most unusual, and somewhat
disturbing if you want to know the truth, but I did not give it much thought until just now,
as I was praying in front of the Intentions Altar for our Blessed Virgin, I turned around
and there you were, just like in my dream.‖
―That is most unusual,‖ remarked Morse.
―I must know if there is any meaning to this. Are you really just sight-seeing, or is
there more to it than that?‖ The priest smiled, his rubbery red cheeks blushing.
Morse looked into the brown eyes of the pudgy priest. There was something to this
man, a kindness about him. Zoey seemed to sense it too, and eased the grip on her
father‘s arm.
―As a matter of fact, we are on a quest of sorts, Father.‖ Morse relayed to the priest
their experiences from the morning involving Nostradamus‘ vault, leaving out the part
about killing the priest. ―And so the words of Nostradamus himself have led us here to
your pipe organ,‖ concluded Morse.
―May I see Nostradamus‘ letter?‖ The priest asked.
―Certainly,‖ said Morse, pulling out the letter and showing the priest the notes Morse
had made.
―Ahh, he is most certainly speaking of our organ here. The ‗big game!‘ Fantastic!
You are right, it is all right there.‖
―Actually,‖ said Morse, ―That was one of the things we did not understand. The
words that we could not find a meaning for were ‗big game,‘ ‗human voice,‘ and
―That is because you do not play the pipe organ,‖ said Father Gerard, chuckling. ―I
would be happy to translate for you.‖
Father Gerard took them over to an instrument that looked like a piano, but had
dozens of strange-looking knobs and levers. ―This is the keyboard for the pipe organ. A