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―If Zoey hadn‘t hit him with the guitar, I was a second or two from dying.‖
Morse started crying, too. ―I know. I know. I love you and Zoey so much. I am not
going to let anyone else hurt you.‖
―Dad, why do they do it?‖
―Do what?‖
―Why do they blow up little kids‘ schools and fly planes into buildings and shoot
―I don‘t know, Zach. When your Mom died, I thought about that for a long time.
But I finally realized, if I spend my whole time getting angry about what they did to us,
then I am going to miss the life that I have left. I want to be there to listen to your rap
songs, and hear Zoey play her guitar, and see you laugh and make jokes and live your
life. I don‘t want to miss any of it. And when I thought I was going to lose you today, all
I could think of is what a terrible father I have been to you since Mom died, and how I
want to be better, and support you more, and love you more…‖ Morse was crying now.
―You‘re a great father, Pops.‖
―Thanks, Zach. You‘re a great son. By the way, where on earth did you come up
with ‗Aide?‘ I did not think you knew any French.‖
―In French class, the teacher won‘t let us say anything but French in the class. So if
you want to go to the bathroom, you have to ask in French. So all I know is ‗Aide!‘
―Well, it sure came in handy today.‖
―Hey, Pops. What was that thing you spelled on the wall? ENCULEZ TOI?‖
―I cannot tell you that. It is an expletive.‖
―A what?‖
―I was basically cussing them out.‖
―So what does it mean?‖ asked Zach.
―I will have to tell you another time.‖
Zach did not press his father further, but he would definitely be Googling ―Enculez-
toi‖ when he got home to America. In the distance, they could see the quaint city of
Agen, France.
Back in Salon-de-Provence, two men placed small wads of plastic explosives in the
middle of the vault door underneath the Eglise St. Michel. They had no concern
whatsoever that there may be ancient artifacts behind the door. Within seconds they had
blown the vault door. When they cleared the smoke and rubble with leaf blowers they
found their comrade lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the interior of the vault.
They felt his pulse. He was definitely dead. They searched his pockets and found his
Blackberry. On the phone, he had typed, ―Missed them. They have gone to the
Cathedral in Agen. The prophecy is in a Bible.‖