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had a moment ago. Dickerson yanked the terrorist up, who was now yelling in Arabic.
Dickerson kicked open the door to the hall to see twenty police officer‘s revolvers trained
on him. ―Don‘t shoot!‖ he yelled. ―We‘ve got him!‖ Dickerson threw the terrorist down
to the ground of the hall in disgust, and the police officers pounced on him, handcuffing
him and leading him out of the Alamo. The other cops started back-slapping Dickerson
and giving him high-fives.
Dickerson turned to the Rosa, her children, and the cub scouts and said, ―Now that
was fun!‖ They all laughed. They stayed behind in the shrine room a few more minutes
to speak to police officers. After the brief interviews were complete, the group of brave
tourists headed out of the Alamo, where they were greeted with wild applause from
dozens of police officers and a newly-formed crowd of onlookers. The crowd died down
after a few seconds. Dickerson proudly came forward, holding Rosa‘s hand in triumph
with one hand and a cub scout‘s hand in the other. ―All I have to say is it‘s finally nice to
win one at the Alamo!‖ The crowd erupted into more cheers.
Thousands of miles away, Ruddy Montana heard the news coming in from San
Antonio Police. He quickly called the FBI Director, who was at the White House this
morning. If they hurried, they just might be able to get this into the Inauguration Speech.
It was time. Mohammed el Faya put the bullets into his long-range sniper rifle. The
target had come into the kill zone.