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VOTED #1 IN FICTION AND #1 OVERALL FOR 2011! In 1557, 16th Century oracle, Nostradamus, published his opus entitled, "Les Propheties"-- a collection of 1,000 four-line, rhyming French verses known as "quatrains". However, only 942 quatrains have ever been found... Until now. Can a cynical college professor and his two rebellious teenagers find Nostradamus' 58 lost quatrains and use them to prevent an impending terrorist attack? And will anyone believe them? Download this eBook today!

Jim Schaefer

Every bit as well-documented and researched as "The Davinci Code." This book would make a great movie! Thanks for a great read.

Vasanth Kumar

Great reading. This is my first book of John Medler and he is undoubtedly one of the best among the contemporary story tellers. Looking forward to read more from him.

Yvonne Virgin

This book was rivetting, the storyline was involved but tested the mind and the memory and am now reading Fountain which also has good storyline, hope when I finish there is another book to follow.

claude irby

Shades of The Omen and The Left Behind Series. this book has room for embellishment and I hope this burgeons into a series. T there's no shortage of plot or action. This book is paced like the SSN book by Tom Clancy. This book takes into account in fact that the second coming of Christ is an unknown date by the devil who has to keep making arrangements to have a 666 Beast ready to take the reins at any time period. Good shot there. The blood of the Niffelheim could have something to do with the penchant for evil and power. Research the Jew traditions and fables. Read the Book of Enoch for that. Robert Heinlein made a living with action stories as did Edgar Rice Burroughs. It's great to see new faces in the crowd taking up the slack in good storytelling. It would be nice to run into these characters again. Saving the world is a full time job. Ask any politician...As for the French text, I don't have a third language, but the cipher bugs will check out the translations while the rest of us turn the page to get the gist of things. In the pace of the story I didn't take the time to buy a French translator book. Dumas in the Three Musketeers translatated to English text and didn't lose the flavor. Perhaps the reality of having to wait for the meaning of the text was a means of focus on the anticipation of finding out what secrets await the treasure hunters. Waiting for Christmas is a cultural thing to make Dedember less of a drag. Hey the Beast 666 recovers from a mortal wound. Is he coming back? ???


I really enjoyed it. A great storyline, but I got annoyed with having to flip through all the French text.

Geraldine Hennessy

This is a great great story .. fast paced and exciting. Really really enjoyed it :O)


Awesome story line. Thank you for your hard work :)


A really good book with a great plot! One of those books where towards the conclusion, is hard to put down!

Pat Gillory

Good job in plot creativity, overlapping storylines,and characterizations. Clear writing that could be not he'd up by working with a strong editor into more elegant prose. you did An amazing job of creating An antagonistic tone towards Suba from the first words. While fun, the coincidences in your plot may open you to the same criticisms that Dickens endured. overall I enjoyed the read...keep writing...only one inaccuracy in the final chapter disturbed me. Revelation is singular.

Lauren Hing

Excellent! A real page-turner!!

Tom Hartsell

It's a good read... Dan Brown wannabe... Sometimes it's hard to follow all the concidences and how the author ties in all the tiny details.. but what the heck... it's fun

Gaurav Vaidya

The author has done a fine job in doing the research for the information given in this book. It is rich with information which would intrigue everyone equally. My only complaint is that the book ends on a very dull note. The end part could have been more action filled.

sonia saunders

a very good read once you understand whats going on

Joe Santoro

exciting, intriguing, I could not stop reading it.

Storme Blais

Great read, hard to put down, the verses in French lent authenticity. Highly recommend

Viv Lakeboga

This book had me hooked from the beginning. well written, fast paced. Excellent entertainment. Thanks John and now to find more you've written.....

Shirley Crenshaw

Very interesting, just waiting for the next one, Mr.Medler. Really and for sure. I am a 74 yr. old grandmother and always dreamed of writing this novel. Thanks so much. My favorite times in History. I'm ordering this book for my daughter's library. And so she will read it.

Amy Cruzz

A must read fiction story once in a whole life...


An exciting prelude with a promise of much more to offer...


Great read Will look out for this author.Thank you.

Grace Warren

Slow start but sure picks up speed! Very entertaining. Does need some work though. As the last commenter put of, "still needs some polishing". Had a hard time putting down the second half!


Very good. I could not stop reading once I started.

mp fdos

Good! Very Good! Congratulations to the author. I can't wait to read more books from him. At some point I felt lost with all the explanations but not for a long time. Too much text in French though, I had to keep scrolling down looking for the English translation. Bit all in all the best book I have read for a long time

James Jolliffe

Very good book! Very enjoyable and filled with many accurate historical facts. I highly recommend this book.

Veronique Duncan

The story was interesting, with lots of actions. I did not enjoy the author's style of writing, and I felt that the book was in the pre-edited version. It still needs quite a bit of polishing.


Superb. Thoroughly researched (sometimes too thoroughly!), well written and enthralling. Couldn't put it down!

Jennifer Everly

Well researched. Fun to read


I finished reading Quatrain last night. It's not a stretch of the imagination at all to see this book do very well in the printed book market. Quatrain has a kind-of Da Vinci Code type of a feel to it. I liked the multiple character building, it felt similar to how Stephen King has many small part characters. All in all, I had fun reading Quatrain and even found myself peeking ahead during the exciting parts as if I couldn't read it fast enough.

nishadi wijesekara

fantastic way of writing

Emiliya Veitch

Started of interesting and then too many different story plots, too many leads to follow and up to 15% of the book nothing made any sense. Sorry if I'm been harsh but when a book grabs the attention should keep it somehow, It has potential but needs to be cleared from a lot of unnecessary stories within it.

Rosemary Murphy

Absolutely loved it. More please.

Anamika Belwalkar

loved the book , was a very riveting read :)


Not a easy read, heavy on old references.

Jim Dahl

Makes one think!? A great read, a real page turner

john dunn

An excellent fast moving adventure story, well worth reading

Tina Pyy

really really enjoyed this book


One of the best online books that I`ve read so far! Enjoyed every page of this book! Looking forward to sequel!


This is a great story.


Extremely spell-binding and well-written.

Rita Beverley

I absolutely loved this book. It was fast paced, action packed and very wellresearched. I agree with a few others that it would make a very good movie.

Dorothy Long

This was a good story with lots of action. There was one large unanswered question but that was easier to overlook than the author's somewhat unprofessional style of writing and lack of a good editor. But I'm not sorry I read it.


Very much like Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code".


It was a little distracting when you introduced 11 year-old Justin Idris on page 8. You introduced his mother as Amy, and then called her Karen on the same page. Other than that, I was enthralled with the first ten pages and looking foeward to reading it all. God bless.


quite interesting. good read, liked the pace of it

Steven Mansey

Very goo0d book. Pity some of the hook ups with other characters was a bit too twee, but very enjoyable book. Would make a good film starring Nicholas Cage!


This book is definitely in the quality and suspense of Dan Brown and his DeVinci books. This book will keep you on the edge, (got me in trouble with the wife, couldn't put it down.) Great history, I mean this was a great book.

saurav khadka

it's quiet nice but was not interesting


It was a bit hard to get into...however it delivered in the end! Great Read!

Maureen Castro

Good book. I'm surprised it's free


Nice plot...gives u a sense of happening tomorrow... GIVES HOPES TO HUMAN KIND


Medler, John

John Medler lives with his wife and six children in St. Louis, MO. He is the author of Quatrain (a fiction thriller about the search for the lost prophecies of Nostradamus) and Fountain (a fiction thriller about the search for the legendary Fountain of Youth). He is also the author of a children's book on international adoption called The Mommy Mole.

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