QBasic Techniques for Beginners HTML version

QBASIC fundamentals
Intended Audience (Who should read this book?)
I have written this book assuming that readers have some little previous knowledge of the
programming language (QB). But complete beginners can also take benefits from this book. However
those with little previous knowledge can have advantage. The perfect scenario will be that you have
already learnt QBASIC but you don’t quite know about how to use the functions and you haven’t got
the programming language well.
This book has nothing related with advanced topics in QBASIC like
Modular programming, File Handling, Graphics and Multimedia etc. If you have already learnt the
basic techniques then you got this book accidentally and should distribute to one who needs it more.
Pravesh Koirala (Hey I wrote this book!)
Prasanna Koirala (For inspiration and support)
Family members (For their support)
Someone else
(Cause he is the real source of inspiration for me. I don’t want mention his
Diwaker Jha
(A fantastic person, nice friend, and the one who lead me deeper into
More Reading
Finished this Book! Please write a feedback to me. Your feedback will prove to be an inspiration to
me. If you want some more QBASIC stuffs then you can always search internet. Also, I plan to write
next part of this book as “Advanced QBASIC Stuffs” covering concepts like File Handling, Modular
programming, Graphics and Sound, Game programming in QBASIC etc etc etc. Let’s hope that it will
be completed soon. Thanks!
3 QBASIC techniques for Beginners by Pravesh Koirala.