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QBASIC fundamentals
About the Author
Name:- Pravesh Koirala
Currently:- Studying
Interests:- Computer programming, Electronics, Football and Cricket
and reading Books
Country:- Nepal
Mail Address:- pro_science108@yahoo.com
Language learnt:- QBASIC, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET and C# (learning)
Programming interests:- Designing complete applications, Games etc
Who can be a good Friend
Anyone who is interested in computer and programming in any language can
be a good friend.
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Hello everybody! Ok now, actually I thought to write this book keeping in mind, the problems faced
by the beginner programmers in Qbasic. Qbasic is an excellent tool to develop a programming
concept in students. Actually it was developed for that very purpose only. But in spite of its
simplicity, students often feel some problems during their studies. I don’t know its exact reason but I
guess that the course books just focus on the theoretical studies and don’t actually develop the
concept in students. A programming just doesn’t mean to find “LCM, HCF, Factorials, Prime
numbers” and other calculations but the real meaning of programming is to directly communicate
with the computer and make it perform some work.
I, being really interested in programming, had some explorations on the net and gathered some
basic techniques of this programming language. And seeing the complications of the students during
the course, I was inspired to write this booklet. Frankly speaking, QBasic is not that hard. But
programming can be really a challenge. QBasic just develops a basic concept, it is not that standard
language and programming is not only limited to Qbasic. You will find a lot more in the field of
computers; this is just a beginning step. And also it depends on you that how much you want to go
deeper into the programming concept. Anyways, I hope that you find it useful and handy. If you still
face problems after completing this book then I am always in this world. You can just contact me at
my mail address i.e. Pro_science108@yahoo.com. Hope you will enjoy it because I have, my best,
tried to use simple language and techniques. And yes, being a student myself I can’t assure you that
this booklet is 100% error free. But I have tried my best to correct all the errors like spellings,
grammar and others. What else can you expect from a student? If you could catch any of them and
point out the mistakes then you have got all sort of rights to contact me and inform me about those
bugs. Also, if you have some other suggestions for me then you are always welcomed. Don’t forget
to write a feedback.
Last but not the least, the legal stuffs ( Boring!). You can distribute this booklet to any of your
friends, students or your children (And please don’t forget to mention my small name, will you? ) but
please never try to misuse it for any commercial purpose. I hate these types of guys, you know!
©- Pravesh Koirala ( Can be distributed for non commercial purposes )
2 QBASIC techniques for Beginners by Pravesh Koirala.